Pronounced Dead at Birth: The Story Behind the Thank God Collection of HHD Brand

Yeah you read that right. I was pronounced dead at birth. 

This is the life-changing story behind the Thank God Brand. 

Bunduke wearing maroon thank God sweater by HHD Brand


Many people don't know the story but I was literally dead on arrival. 

During my birth in Cairo, Egypt, I was too large to come out of my mother's womb and I got stuck.

There was no time for a C-section operation because I was losing oxygen too fast.

The doctors couldn't pull me out and my mother couldn't push me out in time.

I lost all oxygen and my skin turned blue since I couldn't breath.

To save my mom the doctors had to forcibly remove me and set me to the side.

The force that was used to pull me out caused permanent nerve damage, bone deformation and muscle atrophy to my right arm. 

What happened to me is called a "Brachial Plexus Injury" also known as "Erbs Palsy". #BPI for short.

This happens to about 2% of the population.  

After forcing me out, the doctors began tending to my mother. 

When my mother asked for her baby, the doctors refused and said your baby is gone.

Heartbroken, but resilient my mom demanded that the doctors bring her lifeless baby to her.  

Although everyone else lost hope, my mom began to pray and pray and pray over my body while crying out for God.

Minutes later, I gasped and began to breath. 

It was a miracle! I came back to life after several minutes without breathing. 

Against all odds, God had a different plan for me.

This is why I thank God for each day I get to wake up, each day I get to breathe and each day I get to chase my dreams.

This life-changing experience taught me to be grateful for life that I have because there's a chance I wouldn't be here right now.

No matter what you're going through right now, just know that you WILL make it through.

Remember that you are loved and you're not alone.

Today, I use my story to inspire and motivate others to be comfortable with who they are and the struggles that they face.

This is a beautiful story of how amazing and powerful God is.

Bring the creative that I am, I turned tragedy into triumph and built an undeniable brand focused on pushing faith and gratitude.

The motto is "Thank God." Follow us @hhdbrand.

I know this was a lot but if you read this far I know you're real. Much love 🙏🏿

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